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Our aim is to present biblical truth, giving due consideration to its Hebrew roots as opposed to the Hellenistic eye glass through which it is normally viewed.   Throughout our home town, we have distributed a flyer entitled "What Christianity Failed To Tell You".   Following responses to the flyer we have prepared further information entitled:

"Further To - What Christianity Failed To Tell You."    

  "Heaven! - Should This, Be Our Vision And Focus?"      

     "A way?  Or, THE WAY!"         "Our Freedom ..."






The Bible, both 'old' and 'new' sections, majors on the establishment of a new world order, to be born out of the ashes of the present age in which we live.


All history, as well as that which is being experienced in the now, bears witness to our total ineptitude to bring shalom (peace and every good result) to the world.


We humans need changing from that which we are now to something more fitting.   We also need healing for ourselves and the planet as a whole.


This will come about only through the return of the One who came to Redeem us!   Our article - "Concerning Jesus"  discusses Yeshua, the One who came to purchase both Planet Earth and its people.


Our lastest article is entitled- "The Shepherd and Overseer of our souls."   Here we talk about God's Eternal Covenants!  

And another called  "The One New Man" has been re-worked.


Our article - "The State Of Israel  focuses on the Jewish State's   importance in the transition to this new order of things.  All articles on our list either directly or indirectly relate to this issue, as does much from within our Questions, Answers and Comments section also.  [A package from Adobe Acrobat may be required for the reading of these articles.]


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